Booking Direct

Best Rates

We always ensure you receive the best rate because we manage our inventory in real time with a state of the art travel industry back office system. Rates displayed by any third party, anywhere on the internet, will only ever be at best the same as those set and published by us on our own website. You can absolutely hold us to this. Furthermore, there are no hidden extra fees or taxes in the booking process: what you see published on our website is what you will pay.


Personal Service

We are a small, straightforward two-person operation, and are able to deal in person and very quickly with any queries, special requests or things that might have gone awry. Changes or cancellations to bookings; special requests for your stay or specific room requests; information about activities you plan to do; advice for onward travel; any problems you may encounter: we’re approachable and we’re here to help. Throw it at us!


Special Rates for Returning Guests

We love people coming back to us! If you’ve stayed with us before, we’ll give you a 10% discount for subsequent bookings made direct with us. This also applies to recommendations.


Experience and Expertise

Susie and I have worked in numerous areas of the Travel Industry for over 20 years in both New Zealand and Britain. We know many of the tricks and we are committed to using this knowledge in delivering a first class product within the New Zealand tourism industry. This encompasses the entire experience for you, our guest, from the initial impression you receive from our website, to the booking process, through to your stay with us and your plans for time spent as our guest. We give a great deal of consideration to all aspects of our operation, and our number one priority is that our guests are looked after at every stage.


As an aside and further to the above, we are rather sceptical of third-party online travel organisations and many of their purported benefits. For anyone interested, I will be writing a series of online articles expanding on this subject and also on the condition of the industry in relation to its twenty-something year marriage with the Internet. The articles/blogs will be posted here, on this website in the coming weeks and months.