Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Tongariro Alpine Crossing The hype proclaims the Tongariro Crossing to be the best one day hike in New Zealand. It is certainly a unique day out, nowhere else can you experience such otherworldly landscapes. In a country proliferating in such an extensive variety of scenery, the Tongariro Crossing stands out as extraordinarily diverse. 

Tongariro National Park World Heritage Site is a large area (796km2) of central North Island high country. It is volcanic, comprising principally ...

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Whanganui river journey

Whanganui river journey Visitors to New Zealand are invariably drawn to the South Island. It contains the grandest scenery, the emptiest roads and generally delivers a maximum score in all things leisure. There is no argument in this. It’s also got the most sheep (and seven more possums too). However, it’s worth pointing out that if the South Island didn’t exist, the North Island would still stand up as a major world destination. From those trees of truly humbling girth in Northl...

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The Bridge To Nowhere

The Bridge To Nowhere This large concrete bridge is an icon within the Whanganui National Park and a major visitor destination. The bridge was constructed in the mid-1930s to provide road access to the lower and middle valley farms known as the Mangapurua Valley Soldiers Settlement. Unfortunately though by the time it was completed these areas of the Mangapurua Valley were all but deserted, the bridge rarely used and the construction of the road to the Whanganui River abandoned...

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Sky Waka Gondola

Sky Waka Gondola The Sky Waka Gondola was created in 2019 and travels from the base station of the Whakapapa ski area 1.8km up Mt Ruapehu. It cruises past waterfalls frozen in winter, ancient lava flows and snowy valleys. Up the top is the architecturally designed, award winning restaurant Knoll Ridge Chalet – plus a café and food truck-type shop in winter. In winter you can ski off from here and in summer, there are a range of walks – we recommend you try the Skyline Walk...

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